Battle Plans

The Setup

There’ll be a 50k army at Erenhead by spring (we think). They were planning on attacking Bodrun, but that attack was supposed to have a second prong from inside Bodrun, so who knows what they’re supposed to do now. Either way, all those troops there is a bad thing.

The Plan

  • Draw as many as possible into the White Desert Mountains with stories about the White Mother Clan
  • We draw 5k to River Run and smash them
  • Go to Drumlen, defeat the occupying force there, hole up
  • Wait for a big army to go to Drumlen in retaliation
  • Stretch goal: get a second army to Pardum and free it
  • Surprise them from behind with an army from Pardrum or elsewhere

River Run Battle Plan

  • Shadow troops think they’re attacking horsemen, so we build some flimsy-looking fortifications that the hosemen “live in”
  • Fortifications are actually strong (via Wall of Stone or good ol’ dwarven engineering)
  • The switcheroo: some dwarves are defending the fort, some dwarves are pushing the enemy into the fort, and horsemen are on the field flanking
  • Use The Forest and local terrain to supplement fortifications, bottle the enemy into the trap

To Do

  • Make the White Desert Mountains look convincing
    • Vire is hiring mercenaries
  • [✓] Noisily move horsemen to River Run
  • Quietly move troops to River Run
  • Quietly prepare River Run for the attack
  • [-] Get Drumlen on board
    • Uruthin moving contacts
  • Quietly prepare Drumlen for our attack
  • [-] Get Pardrum on board
    • Uruthin moving contacts
  • Quietly move troops to Pardrum/Bodrun or other hiding spot
  • Prepare Pardrum/Bodrun for our attack (if we do that)


  • [✓] 800 Bodrun troops
  • [✓] 500 horsemen
  • [✓] River Run guard
  • The Forest
  • Uncontrolled undead courtesy of Mortimer
  • Mortimer/Uruthin in disguise could probably walk up to an army and requisition 300 or so
  • [-] Mercenaries (amounts?)
  • [✓] Streka’s band of mages
  • Group ritual spells
    • to make/control more undead?
    • to hide people?
  • Smoke bottle for fast movement
  • Group of saboteurs?
  • [-] Tunnels between dwarven holds?
  • [-] Wall of Stone

Open Questions

  • How were they planning on getting the second prong into Bodrun? Is Bodrun vulnerable?
  • What do we do afterwards? It would be nice to follow up on this to try to win back other territory

Battle Plans

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